[TN-Bird] Photos fom the 'Pits'

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I have added several photos from my trip to Memphis birding with Jeff 
yesterday. Included are several shots of Western and Baird's, as well as 
Semi Sand and comparisons of them with other species. Also Wilson's 
Phalaropes, Upland Sandpiper, and a few shots of gorgeous Pectorals. Last 
but not least a distant shot of the partial albino Least Sandpiper.

These photos are in my Fall '07 gallery, at 
http://www.pbase.com/mctodd/fall_07 . Or the 1st photo in the series is
http://www.pbase.com/mctodd/image/84495765 and you can just navigate with 
the previous or next link on the page to go from shot to shot.

Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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