[TN-Bird] Pelican and others on Percy Priest

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  • Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 18:54:32 -0500

I was at Four Corners Marina and Hurricane Creek Rec Area on Tues about 3pm-ish 
with Ed Schneider.  No pelican to be seen.  Pretty much the same gang of birds 
David and Frank saw.

I paddled from the Jefferson Springs Boat Ramp in Smyrna this afternoon to 
check on a rookery upstream.  I did see an Osprey with fish, a couple Eastern 
Kingbirds (saw several in Rutherford Co, various places, on Tuesday), a 
northern parula (finally for middle TN), and about 150 Black Vultures roosting 
IN the rookery among 48 or so pairs of Great Blue Herons.  

There is an Osprey nest on a cell tower in Smyrna in a shopping center parking 
lot at the intersection of Jefferson Pike and Sam Ridley parkway.  2 attending 
adults this afternoon.

I will be near Four Corners in the morning checking the Pear Island rookery and 
maybe I will see the pelican.  

Good birding,

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