[TN-Bird] Panther Creek SP - Hamblen County

  • From: "Frank Murphy" <hermitthrush@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 17:44:47 -0400

I recently migrated to this great State of Arizona - I mean Tennessee ;-) and 
have been birding nearly every day during the past month at Panther Creek State 
Park in Morristown.  This is a beautiful state park, but man is it dry.  
Yesterday, 10/15, I had a nice look at a Philadelphia Vireo.  Today, there were 
two Winter Wrens, an adult Bald Eagle,  YB Sapsucker and a few Black throated 
Green Warblers, and both Ruby crowned and Golden crowned Kinglets.
Sunday afternoon we took a drive to the Smoky Mountain National Park for the 
first time and I saw a Brown Creeper near the Sugarlands visitor center.  This 
is one of my favorites so I was glad to see it here.  I had to wonder where all 
the thousands of cars were coming from ? 

Anyhow, I have yet to see a Tennessee Warbler in Tennessee.  I see all the 
reports of them and I've looked at every warbler - not that there were great 
numbers - but no luck,  so I may have to wait until Spring.

Frank Murphy
White Pine TN
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