[TN-Bird] Pace Point, Britton Ford area, NTOS trip Saturday 11-19

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Benton and Henry Counties, TN
Saturday, 2011 Nov. 19
8:30am-4:15 pm

    Fifteen birders, including David Kirschke from East Tennessee,
enjoyed the NTOS sponsored trip to Pace Point and the Britton Ford
areas.  The weather was surprisingly warm and conditions were
reasonably good for viewing during most of the day.  On our way to
Big Sandy, we stopped at a spot on Lower Big Sandy Road and had nice
views of a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE.  Pace Point produced a RED-NECKED GREBE
that spent a good deal of time diving and so was observed by only a
few of the group.  It was also nice to see several COMMON GOLDENEYEs
and close up views of a number of HOODED MERGANSERs. On the Britton
Ford side we got several new duck species and added a WHITE-WINGED
SCOTER that spent much of the time trying to sleep.  We finished the
outing at Paris Landing State Park, where the wind substantially
increased, making viewing difficult. Everyone enjoyed the RED-HEADED
WOODPECKER found in the picnic area.  At the end of a long but
satisfying day we had tallied about 60 species.  See the NTOS
website for additional field trip details.

Frank Fekel
Nashville TOS Field Trip leader
Bellevue, TN
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