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Nov. 26-27, 2009
Henry-Benton Counties, TN
A full day Thursday and a half day today produced some good birds. Thursday 
 was a bitter day with the wind white capping the lake, making for tough  
birding. Horned Grebes were out and about in huge numbers, I stopped counting 
at  1,100. Waterfowl Numbers were real high but picking species out from 
the waves  and swells with the wind blowing in your face was real work but I 
ended  with 21 species including 4 species of geese, 2 Snows (1 blue 1 
immature  snow) and 2 Cackling at Britton Ford. 
By viewing from the highest point between Rocky Point and Budwieser Beach,  
I was able to locate a single immature RED-THROATED LOON snorkeling in  the 
gray swells. Till late in the day, I had only 35 Common Loons, their 
numbers  about equal in the Big Sandy and TN Rivers around the point. At 
Campground, I found one of the largest concentrations of Coots I've ever 
There were more Herring Gulls found on Thursday than Ring-bills but  
Bonaparte's took top honors for most numerous species along with only 1  
FRANKLIN'S found today out from Gray's Cemetery and a single immature LESSER  
BLACK-BACKED GULL at the beach on the point. Another adult Lesser  Black-backed 
seen several times perched on a buoy out from the point. Three  trips to 
Lick Creek yielded, 93-123-225 Bonaparte's Gulls but no Little. On the  last 
trip, I thought I had the bird nailed as a really tiny bird, with its  dark 
head tuck in its back was sleeping with the Bonaparte's. Just as I was  about 
to yell "gotcha", a Forster's Tern looked straight at me, big let  down. 
Today, I had 21 Forster's at Eagle Creek. Late in the day Thursday, I  worked 
my way down to the Big Sandy Flats and had a few gulls and tons of  
Killdeer; then on to Britton Ford where I added Redhead Ducks and the Cackling  
Finally, I arrived at Port Road, just in time for the loon Parade. Where do 
 they all come from?; 400+ Loons streamed in from all directions. The gull 
roost  has pushed itself north of the normal location and can be viewed from 
the  overlook. At dark, you always get serenaded by the Great Horned Owl 
pair across  at the Girl Scout Camp, a great way to end even a blustery gray 
Friday, started at 28 degrees but with clear skies and just  a light 
breeze. At Paris Landing, 3 Bald Eagles kept any gulls from  roosting on gull 
island but a single FRANKLIN'S Gull was resting out from Gray's  Cemetery. The 
loons were hanging out mainly at the mouth of Eagle Creek and out  from the 
TWRA boat ramp but I found an adult RED-THROATED LOON out from Trailer  Road. 
I ventured out to the Eagle Creek / Big Sandy confluence and was rewarded  
with a PACIFIC LOON. Returning to the Eagle Creek boat ramp, I found 2 TREE  
SWALLOWS and photographed a first winter RED-NECKED GREBE. At noon, I left 
for  Reelfoot Lake. I'll post a few photos later.
Good Birding  !!!
Jeff R. Wilson / TLBA
6300 Memphis-Arlington Road
Bartlett, TN  38135
What is this feathered thing that  lifts my heart to the heavens.

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