[TN-Bird] Osprey and Fish Crows in Knox County, Saturday 3/6

  • From: Christopher Welsh <cwelsh@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 08:49:48 -0500

Nice weather on Saturday March 6th encouraged me to pull out the kayak and
paddle on Tennessee River from near UT Plant Sciences Farm up to Lyons
Island and back.

Saw 4 different Osprey, including two adding sticks to a nest on one of the
channel markers, and one hen Wood Duck along the shore.

At Lyons Island there were 44 Double-crested Cormorants, 10 of which were
already on nests.  Of 48 Great Blue Herons, 36 were on nests.  Surprisingly
I did not see any Black-crowned Night Herons; last year there were 20+ nests
on the island, and I've seen 5-10 regularly near Lakeshore Park all winter.

Lyons Island is just downstream of Lakeshore Park (visible from the corner
of the park near the lower baseball fields).  Last spring I saw Fish Crows
at the island, and Lakeshore seems to be one of the more likely spots to
find them.  There were 7 Fish Crows on the island, four of which gathered on
the ground directly underneath an Osprey that was eating a fish.  I couldn't
see any fish parts falling to the ground, but the crows were finding
something there.

After watching and listening to the Fish Crows for a while, I paddled back
downstream.  As I approached the Harrison Keepe subdivision (west side of
the river across from UT Plant Sciences Farm), I heard Fish Crows again. My
wife agreed that they sounded just like the ones we'd been listening to back
at Lyons Island. There was a second group, also of 7, working a large
Juniper tree near the shore in the northeast corner of the subdivision
(eating Juniper berries?).  Apparently we have two groups of Fish Crows in
this area.

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