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Didn't know this until I looked it up, but it seems that they do regularly nest 
in the ground:

From Cornell Nestwatchers project 
(http://www.birds.cornell.edu/nestinginfo/bios/sp_accts/nofl) -

Nest Building:  Northern Flickers excavate their nest cavities. They are 
considered weak excavators, mainly digging their nests in dead or decaying 
trees that are weathered and have weak wood. It is unknown which of the pair 
selects the nest site, but the location depends on the presence of weak wood, 
not on the presence of a particular tree species. In addition, flicker nests 
have been found in poles, fence posts, haystacks, and ground burrows. These 
woodpeckers also nest in boxes, but boxes should be packed tightly with sawdust 
for the birds to excavate. (See "A Nest-Box Plan for Northern Flickers" in 
Section 1 for details.)

Than Boves
Knoxville, TN

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This kind gentleman at Eagle Bend Fish Hatchery approached me with a question 
concerning woodpeckers nesting in the ground. Ernie Poore  has a flicker in his 
yard on a nest with five eggs in it. His question was or is "is this normal ?"  
All my references state  they nest telephone poles,  tree cavaties and nest 
boxes. No references to nesting in the ground.
     If you have feed back , Ernie would love to hear from you.  Cell #  
865-274-8714.  If you leave a message he will return your call.  If you want to 
see the nesting flicker, his address is 187 Buckwheat Lane , Lancing. TN  
37770 .  This is located in Morgan County close to the Obed River and Libby 
Bridge area.
     Bird On !!!!!!!!!!!!
     Tony King

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