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One big issue with park fees is that it discourages casual use
(though some may see that as a benefit).  While many of US that
are dedicated birders would be willing to pay to bird at Hiwassee, 
Kyker Bottoms, Pace Point, Black Bayou, etc, the fees would 
discourage occassional visitors.

For example, every time I go to Hiwassee to see the Sandhill Cranes,
there are many other 'casual' visitors including parents bringing
their childern who just decided to come see the spectacle and 
hopefully leave with a greater appreciation for nature.  How many 
of those folks would still come if it cost them $5 per car or
$4 per person -- especially in the current economy (those prices 
are based on recent fees I have paid in TX, CA, and MI).  

Dean Edwards
Knoxville, TN

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