[TN-Bird] Nighthawks/house sparrow behavior/molting mockingbird/night hummers

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  • Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 14:22:41 EDT

Hello Birders, 
When I got up REAL early to photograph the total lunar eclipse this morning  
in the Charlotte Park section of West Nashville, I heard many nighthawks to 
the  east of me.  They seemed to be moving north to south, and the large number 
of vocalizations made me think they were probably migrating.  Of course, it  
was still dark, and I could not see them, but it seemed to be way too many 
birds  to have been my usual feeding flock.
In the hot weather we've had recently, my house finches have been hanging  on 
the frames of the window panes in my French doors as if they wanted  inside 
or were just watching me at the computer.  Actually, I wonder if  they find the 
glass cooled by the indoor air conditioning to be inviting.   They hang on 
almost woodpecker-like with their bodies pressed against the glass  and their 
tails spread out fan-like and pressed against the glass below the  frame giving 
them some balance.  They turn their heads sideways and  press them against the 
glass, then change sides every so often.  I've  also seen them do this on the 
coldest winter days, so, perhaps, they do that for  the heat during that 
season.  I've only noticed them pressing against the  door panes during 
in the weather.  Other ideas, anyone?
At least one of my parent mockingbirds is molting.  Its new tail  feathers 
are growing in, and it is sporting a skinhead "coiffure."
Another great sight in the early morning before daylight was a few  
hummingbirds coming to the feeder by the light of my deck light that is about  
ten feet 
from the feeder.  I had quite a bevy of early feeders, then it  died down 
between daylight and noon when a probable new contingent arrived on  their way 
through Nashville.
Happy birding,
Dee Thompson
Nashville, TN

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