[TN-Bird] New arrivals and first immature Least Sandpiper

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Ensley Bottoms
Shelby Co. TN
On the 21st of July, an early Peregrine Falcon stirred the mix at the  "pits" 
and it appears the bird is still at it as Sunday the 29th a Peregrine  
cleaned the area again. One minute a couple do thousand Wind Birds, the next 
"Grim Sweeper" has cleaned house. It took the birds a full 2 hours to return to 
the flats.
The first immature shorebird of the year was also photographed Sunday, a  
colorful, neat as a pin Least Sandpiper. The Western Sandpipers, both male and  
female look the worst for wear in their heavily molted attire. A single  
Baird's Sandpiper was seen on the 22nd and 3 Sanderling were seen the morning 
the 28th, pacing Dacus Bar on the Mississippi River. 
The last Black-necked Stilt nest was keeping both parent busy, as early  
Sunday morning two fuzzy heads could be seen being shaded from the sun. When I  
returned mid morning Mom was leading the youngsters to a small pool of water so 
they could start feeding. She and Dad took turns on the nest and watching the 
 first hatchlings. It was not till mid afternoon that the third chick  
finally hatched, with Mom immediately removing the egg shell away from the 
When I left late in the afternoon, Dad was still tending the nest and the third 
chick had joined its mess mates at the feeding hole. Usually the chicks hatch 
 pretty fast in the mornings but I've seen some eggs hatch the following day. 
You  can tell by the adults going back and forth to the nest if the  last 
eggs will hatch or not. If the eggs are not viable the adults will not  return 
the nest. This has not been a good year for Black-necked Stilts with  only 8 
of 20 plus nests producing young.  
Good Birding  !!!

Jeff R. Wilson / TLBA
6300 Memphis-Arlington Road
Bartlett, TN  38135
What is this feathered thing that  lifts my heart to the heavens.

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