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Melinda Welton ask that the following be posted.

Dear all, 

I was again invited by TWRA to participate in the interviews for the
state ornithologist position and I am very pleased with the selection of
Scott Somershoe. 

Scott has been working as an avian ecologist with Dr. Dan Twedt at the
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Vicksburg, MS. Most recently he
worked on projects to assess breeding and wintering bird distribution,
demography, and habitat use in forests and wetlands in the Mississippi
Alluvial Valley. Specific projects included the effects of silviculture
treatments on bird populations in bottomland hardwoods of Louisiana,
combining breeding bird survey and distance sampling to estimate density
of migrant and breeding birds, and evaluating the Wetland Reserve
Program as it relates to breeding bird density. His Master's Degree is
from Georgia Southern University in 200 and his thesis was on habitat
use by Neotropical migrants in oak hammocks in coastal Georgia. Scott
has used a range of census and monitoring techniques including point
counts, line transects, spot-mapping, nest searching, and was
responsible for managing two bird banding stations for most of a year in

I believe that Scott is a quick-study and will soon be familiar with
Tennessee's birds and important habitats. You'll all get a chance to
meet him at the Spring TOS meeting in Nashville.

Melinda Welton
Conservation Policy Committee Chair



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