[TN-Bird] New Smyrna Yard Bird

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:37:55 -0500

I added what seems like a very unusual yard bird to my yard list yesterday =
afternoon in Smyrna (Rutherford County).  I was in the middle of doing =
yard work and while walking through my neighbors back yard (where I =
borrowed chain saw, ladder, etc), I saw a large sparrow-like bird fly =
through the yard coming from my yard.  I got about 15 ft from it and it =
was a Dickcissel.  I have extensive experience with these guys in the =
Mississippi Alluvial Valley where I found their nests all summer a few =
years ago and was dumbstruck at seeing one.  It was in adult female =
plumage.  I clearly saw the yellow breast, whitish throat, and eye stripe =
and was shaking my head that it wasn't a House Sparrow.  I didn't see the =
rufus wing patch, but I saw enough to eliminate every other sparrow-like =
bird.  As it flew to another tree, it chipped several times, which helped =
me be sure I wasn't crazy.  None of my neighbors have a full feeder and =
I'm out of seed, otherwise it might hang around.  I went to get my bincos, =
but then my neighbors came home and the dogs got all worked up, so I =
didn't have a chance to look for it.

Although I didn't see it strictly from my yard, I'm counting it.  Close =
enough.  It probably flew through my yard anyway!

Getting late for a Dickcissel?  21 Oct.

  Scott Somershoe

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