[TN-Bird] New Immature Wind Bird Arrivals - Plus

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Aug, 4 -2007
Mississippi River
Ensley Bottoms
Shelby Co. TN
As most of you know, I like shorebirds;o) but for some reason I really like 
immature plumaged Semipalmated Sandpipers and today they arrived. Last week the 
spiffy Least Sandpipers turned up and even more of that colorfull clan were 
present today but my smooth Semi's took my eye and were tops in the numbers 
game. I also saw my first immature Solitary Sandpiper this morning. Did not see 
the Peregrine today but there was another villan, an immature Cooper's Hawk 
that past through the pits hugging the land and scattering everybody. After the 
5th pass 90% of the shorebirds flew clean out to the river and two hours later 
not more than 200 had returned. While waiting their return, 56 White Pelicans 
soared up the river and Red-tailed Hawks plus a bunch of Mississippi Kites 
circled for my pleasure.

No Lesser Yellowlegs today, that I saw but they may have left on the first 
Cooper's run, before I had made it around. There was nothing new other than the 
immature birds. As I was leaving I ran into Gail King and we did a quick tour 
to find the immatures in the mix. While we were looking at these beauties 
everyone left again and right over our head circled the immature Cooper's. I 
guess he had decided stealth did not pay on these sharp-eyed, fast Wind Birds!

We traveled down to the river front and were treated to some real nice birds. 
Gail had mentioned earlier she need a Ruddy Turnstone for her Shelby Co, list 
and right off the bat, there was one sitting on the end of a rock jetty. It was 
exactly where a few hund out for a few days last year at this time. We found, 
Black-necked Stilts, Greater Yellowlegs, Least, Pectoral and Killdeer plus a 
ton of adult and immature Least Terns. Seven Black Terns and 6 Forster's Terns 
were frosting and icing on the cake.

Jeff R. Wilson - TLBA
Memphis, TN

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