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  • Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 15:24:15 -0400

Linda King’s Yellow-crowned Night Heron nest at Standifer Gap Marsh actually 
had 3 young in it at 10:00 AM yesterday.

About a hundred feet farther along the trail there is a Cooper’s Hawk nest with 
young, also over the trail and also with white droppings below it.

There is a Great Blue Heron nest with young at Harrison Bay Park, the first I 
have seen there.  Go thru the camping area to the end of the parking lot.  Walk 
the trail on around the point; at the far end the nest is above the trail in 
the top of very high leaning pine tree that leans away from the water, not easy 
to see but marked by droppings.

We have a Red-shouldered Hawk nest in our front yard, about 55 feet up in a 
somewhat isolated pine tree.  This is the 2nd year at that location.  The two 
years before that the nest was in a one-acre lot of pines across the street.  
The two years before that the nest was in a large oak tree along a creek and a 
line of trees between two one-acre pastures next door.  I think it is likely 
the same two adults, always two young, usually very vocal.  I have watched the 
young ferociously preying on -----  earthworms,  but our current family is 
still being fed mice, etc., at the nest, even though the young fly 200 feet or 
more and don’t stay at the nest nights.  

We saw an Eastern Kingbird nest at the marsh yesterday, with an adult 
apparently incubating, about 20 feet north of the gravel road, perhaps 100 feet 
inside the gate, and about 15 feet high.

We found a lifetime first Field Sparrow nest in a nearby unused pasture with 
tall grass and weeds.

David & Jodi Patterson
Houston Lane, Ooltewah
Hamilton County

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