[TN-Bird] Re: Nashville Warbler (???)

  • From: Shawna Ellis <yodergoat@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ed.schneider@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 12:58:56 -0500

My husband and I had looked at this photo and had thought of the same
points that Rick brought up for it to be Nashville, especially the
grayness of the gray and the extensiveness of the yellow below, as
well as the strength of the eye ring.

Shawna Ellis
Paris, TN 38242

On 6/29/12, Ed Schneider <ed.schneider@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks, Rick. I'm attaching the original image I posted, alongwith the only
> other angle I could muster. I wish this bird had beena little closer; if the
> eye ring hadn't stuck out to me in the field, I never would have
> photographed this individual at this distance.
> Ed SchneiderDavidson Co.
> p.s.- the bird was photographed at Bells Bend Park, Davidson Co. - 23 June,
> 2012 ~7:00am
> From: rknight8@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: tn-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [TN-Bird] Re: Nashville Warbler (???)
> Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 13:01:52 -0400
> A few days back Ed Schneider posted a photo of a warbler for which he was
> unsure of
> the ID.  In an off-list email conversation, he said the the consensus
> opinion was for
> female Common Yellowthroat.  There has been no public discussion of the ID,
> so I am
> weighing in.
> I believe it is a Nashville Warbler.
> My reasoning:
> 1)  the head is too gray for female Com. Yellowthroat, which should be
> brownish-olive.
> 2)  the eye-ring is a little too bold, but head color & eye-ring are right
> for Nashville.
> 3)  the yellow underneath is too extensive & even-toned for yellowthroat,
> which should
>      be shaded from fairly bright in throat to dull yellow on lower breast.
> 4)  culmen shape appears to be straight, unlike slightly down-curved for
> yellowthroat.
> The amount of yellow underneath & bill shape are good for Nashville.
> While Nashville Warblers in spring migration usually occur higher up in
> trees than the
> bird in the photo, which is in blackberry brambles, I often see fall migrant
> Nashvilles
> in low shrubby stuff including goldenrod & ragweed.  So habitat shouldn't be
> an issue.
> Photo IDs are sometimes harder than in-life IDs, since there is only one
> angle per photo,
>  no vocalizations or behavioral clues, etc.  However, you can stare at the
> photo for as
> long as you want & analyze visible details.
> Apparently this would be the first summer record of a Nashville Warbler in
> TN, as
> Robinson (1990) lists none & I don't recall any since then.  It could be a
> very late
> spring migrant or, more likely, an early fall migrant (perhaps a failed
> breeder) or
> a wandering non-breeder.  Nashvilles do nest as far south as northern West
> Virginia.
> Comments welcome.
> Rick Knight
> Johnson City, TN
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Ed Schneider
> To: tn bird
> Sent: 6/23/2012 3:39:54 PM
> Subject: [TN-Bird] Nashville Warbler (???)
> Bells Bend Park, Davidson Co.
> 23 June, 2012
> I realize there are no summer records for this bird, and I wouldn't expect
> there to be. I of course thought I was
> photographing a female Common Yellowthroat, but the eye ring seemed WAY to
> strong compared to the female
> and first year yellowthroats I've seen.
> That being said, the bill shape doesn't scream Oreothylpis to me at all, and
> the habitat is of course all wrong for
> Nashville even in migration.
> Anyone care to share some thoughts on a bird that threw me for a small loop
> this morning? I imagine COYE can
> be extremely variable, and I'm still an advanced novice at best... always
> nice to get a photo of a questionable bird,
> however.
> Thanks,
> Ed Schneider
> Davidson Co.
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