[TN-Bird] NTOS field trip Saturday, August 29

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Saturday, August 29 - Peeler Park
This morning we'll bird the fields and woods of Peeler Park in Madison, a  
Metro park along the Cumberland River which just opened 2 years ago.   We'll 
look for breeders and hopefully some early fall migrants along the mostly  
paved, level trails.  For those that want to, we'll then head over to the  
southern part of Old Hickory Lake (just 10-15 minutes away) to look for  
Black Terns or anything else that may have dropped in.  This trip  will last 
just the morning.  Meet at the Adventure Science Center lower  parking lot (800 
Fort Negley Blvd. 37203) at 7:00 to carpool from  there.  For those wanting 
to meet us at the park, be there by  7:30.  The park is located at the east 
end of Neeleys Bend Rd. off of  Gallatin Pk.  All are welcome. 
Jan Shaw
Nashville, TN    

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