[TN-Bird] N. Goshawk at Percy Priest lake

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Feb. 19, 2011
This morning on the NTOS outing to Percy Priest Lake Jan Shaw and I  
observed what we concluded was an immature Northern Goshawk. The bird was 
north-east from the lake over the treeline and flew overhead. It was not  
flapping and gliding in the typical accipiter fashion but shallow rowing and  
soaring against the wind. From underneath it was heavily streaked on the 
chest  and belly, with no distinguishing pattern to wings or tail. The tail was 
longish  and faintly barred. In size it was smaller than red-tail but much 
larger  than Cooper's, and did not have typical wing pattern of 
red-shouldered hawk  or northern harrier.
Neither of us have previous experience with imm. goshawk, but by process of 
 elimination we think we got a new state bird.
Richard Connors

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