[TN-Bird] Much Assisted Hawk Watch

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Aug. 26, 2007

Ensley Bottoms

Shelby Co. TN

Shorebird wise there was a slight turn over from Saturdays numbers?with most of 
the adult Baird's departing and a few birds dropping in mid morning. I ended 
with?two immature and one adult Baird's.The Black-bellied Plover came back from 
the river calling very early and a Upland let it be know it was still in the 

With the help of thousands of eyes, I was able to tally the following high 
flying (well almost all were high flying, a few were hunting) raptors as they 
streamed south on the turn of the winds. The high count was traveling 
Mississippi Kites which were catching the lift off the bluff line and gliding 
southwest. A few kites were hunting but most were traveling with a total of 44. 

Broad-wingeHawksd were following and Mike had seen 5 in a kettle on Saturday 
but most of the ones counted Sunday were singles with 21 making them selves 
known to the Wind Birds. A few Red-tails were resident but 9 were traveling and 
3 Red-shouldered were ferreted out of the mix with a resident urging them on 
from the tree line. Three traveling Coopers were photographed while?two 
immature birds and an adult harassed the shorebirds. One immature finished up 
one run by sitting in a nearby tree and protesting every raptor that flew over 
no matter how?high. Each time it called, all I had to do was to follow its gaze 
to another dot in the sky, now that is expert help!!

One immature Cooper's snuck down a ditch line, jumped over the levee near me 
and plunged?right into the middle of a bunch of feeding Wind Birds, snatching a 
Pectoral from the air. I got one good photo showing the youngster flying by 
with its catch daring me to protest. A kettle of 7 Black Vultures sailed west 
and Turkey Vultures were seen heading in all directions. Kestrels have been 
hanging around in numbers for about a week.

On the river most of the Black Terns have left, a few still feeding with the 
Least Terns. There are two sets of least chicks being fed on Dacus Bar, having 
been hatched late and able to avoid the pair of Coyotes that patrol every 
morning, I'd consider them lucky chicks. Three Caspian Terns, 2 immature and an 
adult were on TVA Lake on Friday and may be hanging out on McKellar Lake and 3 
were on Loosahatchie Bar on Sunday along with a single Forster's.

Jeff R. Wilson
Ol'Coot / TLBA
Bartlett, TN

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