[TN-Bird] Merlin and Kestrels---AND WOODCOCKS

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  • Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 00:05:37 -0600

I enjoyed the report from Kelly Roy . It reminded me of a field trip several 
years ago that I was doing for some new birders.  I located a Merlin in a tree 
off of Knight's Church Rd in Franklin Co, Tn.  After everyone had taken several 
good looks at the bird, I took one more look and saw a Kestrel.  Now, I'm 
thinking to myself, "How could I mistake a Merlin for a Kestrel?-"--and did I 
feel embarassed!  BUT after looking the tree over again, there sat the Merlin 
with a Kestrel higher in the tree above it.  So I'm glad to hear of Kelly's 
report of the Kestrels harassing the Merlin.
P.S.  The Highland Rim Chapter TOS had a successful Woodcock field trip, Tues. 
23Feb10 on AEDC property--off Wattendorf Hwy., in fields with woods nearby--on 
Tullahoma side of where Fire Tower used to be, but just a high metal tower with 
blinking lights on top is there now.

The WOODCOCKS arrived at 5:45PM and took off shortly after---2 were visible 
flying in and also in flight overhead---we heard 4 peenting before we 
left--another good birding experience--this is an annual trip for our club.

Ruth Luckado
Tullahoma, Tn
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