[TN-Bird] Re: Mean Mockingbird and Grateful Goldfinch

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 10:27:19 -0600

I've got a mocker like that. I call him Gordo the Grotesque. I actually kind of 
like him but he is a mean, greedy SOB. This year he only showed up acting like 
that yesterday. So he's just insuring his survival by guarding his suet stash.

Lyda Phillips
(301) 518-7538 (cell)

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 11:13:59 -0500
Subject: [TN-Bird] Mean Mockingbird and Grateful Goldfinch
From: lynnedavis865@xxxxxxxxx
To: tn-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

February 18, 2015After logging 20 species of birds at our feeders this week, 
the 21st has proven to be a bit of a problem. The mockingbird who "owns" the 
holly bushes in the front yard has decided he also owns all the feeders on the 
back porch. He sits and watches until there are a dozen or so birds eating, 
then swoops over everything like a bomber on a strafing run. The larger birds, 
like starlings, jays and towhees, don't seem too intimidated, but he's keeping 
the smaller ones at bay.
Tuesday (Feb 17) I heard a thump on the back storm door glass and looked out to 
see a Goldfinch lying on its back on the porch. I picked it up and it was still 
alive, so I brought it inside to warm up and recover. I put it in a small box 
on the kitchen counter. As soon as I turned my back, one of our cats jumped on 
the counter to investigate. I grabbed the box, and the lid came open, letting 
the bird fly out. The cats were thrilled! The bird flew into the laundry room, 
where I was able to shut it in and the cats out. After a few minutes, I caught 
the bird again and put it back in the box, on top of the fridge this time. In 
less than 15 minutes, it was fluttering around in the box, so I took it outside 
and let it go. The bird landed on the porch rafters and looked back at me as if 
to say, "Are you still chasing me?"
Lynne DavisSeymour, Sevier County                                         

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