[TN-Bird] Magnificent Frigatebird, Old Hickory Dam area

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Snow Bunting Peninsula
Old Hickory Dam area
Davidson Co.
Nashville, TN
2011 Sept. 5

Recalling the good birds in the spring seen in bad weather at
Snow Bunting Peninsula my wife Bonnie and I decided to venture
there after going out to eat breakfast.  Rain was very light
or nonexistent but the dark clouds and some wind made for chilly

Arriving at the end of the gravel spit, I almost immediately saw
several FORESTER'S TERNs and after watching them a bit from inside
the car I got out to look more carefully at them.  I was about
to get the scope from the trunk when I noticed a very large,
extremely long tailed, mostly black bird flying higher up over Old Hickory Lake. It was just beginning to fly away from me as I got
on it and I watched it in binoculars for what seemed like a minute
or two. From its size, shape, color, and style of flight I
quickly realized that it could be nothing else but a
MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD.  I tried to will it to turn around but
it continued to fly away toward the dam.  Finally I went for
my scope, which was not set up at all, but did manage to find
the bird again due to its very distinctive droopy winged soaring
style.  As I was looking through the scope, Phillip Casteel
arrived and quickly used the scope to get on the bird for some
seconds before it sailed out of view for good behind the pines
near the dam.

Phillip had arrived in the area much earlier and found 2 SANDERLINGs
and 2 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERs at the peninsula.  As we discussed
the FRIGATEBIRD sighting, the SANDERLINGs returned and eventually
a lone SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, different from the first two, also
put in an appearance on the gravel at Snow Bunting Peninsula.
A number of CASPIAN TERNs were also seen, plus about a dozen
PIED-BILLED GREBEs.  We stayed around for another 45 minutes or
so but saw no other unusual birds.

Frank Fekel
Bellevue, TN

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