[TN-Bird] Madison county, TN swan: Tundra most likely

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  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 21:34:45 -0500

I checked for the swan at Graham Lake in Madison county today, and 
found it at the parking area/cove on the south side of Cotton Grove 
Road, at the east side of the lake.  There is a gravel road about 200 
feet past the bridge that goes over to a parking area around a small 
cove, and this is where it was hanging out Sunday afternoon with some 
Canada Geese.  The line at the base of the bill is notched at the gape 
(seems to be the cincher), indicating Tundra Swan, although the 
forehead is pointed rather than rounded.  With the swan sitting in the 
water I lean slightly toward Tundra as the tail seemed a little higher 
in the water in reference to Jeff's comparison notes.  Legs were black. 
  With Sibleys in hand I thought making the determination would be easy, 
but it wasn't.  I have some good photos I can send if anyone wants to 
Ken Oeser
Hendersonville, TN

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