[TN-Bird] Louisville (Blount County) Merlin, Canvasbacks and Greater white-fronted goose

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  • Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 14:24:37 EST

While covering Miser Station Bridge-Louisville Point Park-Scenic Point  
Louisville this morning for the GBBC, I had a beautiful Merlin perched in a 
in the new Lowe's Ferry development, a White-fronted goose with some Canada  
geese in the bay on the right when entering Louisville Point Park, and a pair 
 Canvasbacks snoozing in Poland Creek between the campground and Holston  
College Road.  Near the entrance to Scenic Point there were 78 Tree  swallows 
the power lines along the road with an immature Bald eagle circling  high 
overhead.   Phelp's pond, Scenic Point, Little Dug Gap Road and  Louisville 
Park all had Great Blue herons on nests, carrying sticks and  even mating.  
While at Phelp's Pond there was a mini migration of over 50  Yellow-rumped 
warblers flitting from tree to tree and another of over 120 robins  passing 
Spring is on its way!
Warren Bielenberg

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