[TN-Bird] Lots and Lots of Sandhill Cranes

  • From: Douglas Downs <douglas_downs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 17:32:28 -0600

Decided to run out this afternoon to see if I could relocate the Whooping Crane 
that has been visiting White County lately.  It was seen again yesterday by 
Steve Stedman and I was hoping to duplicate his feat today.  Alas, no such 
luck.  However,  I decided to check the Heritage Marsh, which lies about .5 
miles north of the fields along Black Oak Road where the cranes are wont to 
hang out.  I parked on a small farm access lane and focused my attention on the 
north end of the marsh.  I immediately counted about 100 Sandhill Cranes on the 
ground, with additional cranes flying in, most likely to roost together for the 
evening.  I decided to stay and count cranes for a while and was amazed to end 
up counting at least 1,529 Sandhill Cranes over a one hour period!  They were 
flying in from the west and south in groups of five to twenty-five.  In order 
to assure accuracy, I also watched the landing areas to be sure that I was not 
counting "repeat offenders" who had taken off and returned later.  I knew that 
the marsh (which is now very, very wet) was a favorite roosting area for cranes 
in the past, but this is clearly my high count for cranes in White County.  Not 
a bad way to spend a snowy Monday afternoon!

Doug Downs
Sparta, White County, TN
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