[TN-Bird] Looking for Wood Storks in West TN

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Sept. 7, 2003
Lauderdale, Dyer 
and Lake Co. TN
I searched Champion Lake at Lower Hatchie NWR on Sunday morning and found no 
sign of the 45-50 that had used the lake on Saturday. I did find a small group 
of 6 species of warblers in the woods using my new birding ears. After 
searching the actual refuge area, I found and photographed 3 Wood Storks in an 
almost dry pool on the refuge proper. From there I went to every backwater hole 
Lauderdale Co, finally able to get to some that were inaccessible all summer 
because of continued high water.

I toured the Crutcher Lake area and the overlook at Keys Point. The river 
rise had taken out a lot of the near river places and other interior spots like 
Jones Slough were dry. At Sunk Lake I had a nice group of migrant warblers but 
no storks. The back side of Open Lake was not productive but I did get a 
chance to cull through a large concentration of DC Cormorants but no luck on an 
bird in the group. 

Chickasaw NWR, Chisholm Lake and Wardlow's Pocket had no more to offer than 
Red-shouldered Hawks and a few turkeys. I did make a discovery, I found the 
rookery that had eluded me all spring and judging from the size of the willows 
will be active again next year. With adult White Ibis and adult Tri-colored 
Herons using the area this spring there might be a chance of finding both at 
nests next year. White Ibis are nesting in central Arkansas and Tri-colored 
nested in TN at least once before.

The river stymied having much luck on terns and gulls but I did see a few 
Caspian, Least, Forster's and Black Terns plus 2 adult Ring-billed Gulls in 
and Lake Co. A wet hole off the Great River Road held 165 Least Sandpipers, I 
- Western, 2 - Semipalmated Plovers, 2 - Stilt Sandpipers, 4 - Lesser 
Yellowlegs and a single Greater. Killdeer were ever present and Black-necked 
were sprinkled about. White Lake, Bogota and Black Bayou offered little but a 
few waders with 2 BN Stilt, a Solitary, 8 Least Sandpipers and 2 Lesser 
Yellowlegs the high count at White Lake.

A late afternoon look across the river at Fulton revealed a small number of 
herons and egrets are still using a roost area on Sun Rise Bar but no storks. 
This is another area that needs to be checked next spring.

Good Birding!!!

Jeff R. Wilson
Bartlett, TN

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