[TN-Bird] Long-Tailed Ducks-Percy Priest

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Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010
Percy Priest Lake
After attending the Hummingbird Program at Shelby Bottoms yesterday afternoon 
we decided to run over and check out Percy Priest Lake to see if the 
Long-Tailed Ducks were still there.  They indeed are!  Almost in the exact 
place they've been...the upper East side of the dam near  the point off 
Nashville Shores.  Today we spotted them "hanging" with 10 Red-Headed ducks (5 
pairs actually) and a Pied-billed Grebe.   Other notable mentions were the 16 
or so Common Loons,  about 150 Ring-billed Gulls and 175 or so American Coots.  
 The sun was very low in the sky at that point.  A very pretty picture indeed!!

Cyndi and Steve Routledge
Montgomery County
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