[TN-Bird] Little Gull continues at Woods Reservoir

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Woods Reservoir--Brumalow Creek
Franklin Co., TN
2015 Feb. 9
Cloudy, light rain

I drove down to Woods Reservoir this Monday morning, looking for the
adult LITTLE GULL that Mike Todd found. I'd been out to Reelfoot
Lake 3 times in the past and missed the gull each time. At Woods
Reservoir I first stopped at the pulloff on Morris Ferry Bridge Road
where Mike first found the gull, but all the gulls that I could find
were on the far side of the Reservoir and extremely distant. With the
front coming through there was a mist and haze that made it extremely
difficult to see anything but vague outlines. So I wound my way around
the reservoir hoping that there was a closer viewing area to the gull
flock. Fortunately, I found one at the end of Northshore Rd.
where it is intersected by S Hap Arnold Dr/Pumping Station Road
(depends on what map you have as to what it is called).

The pull off and boardwalk view the mouth of Brumalow Creek as it
enters the reservoir. I almost immediately got my life sighting of
the LITTLE GULL, but it soon flew out into the reservoir and
around the corner. After a few minutes it returned and circled around
in the creek area to the left with many BONAPARTE'S GULLs for most
of the rest of the time that I was there.

Many thanks to Mike Todd for finding it.

Frank Fekel
Bellevue, TN
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