[TN-Bird] Lesser Yellowlegs, Shovelers galore

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Savannah Waste Treatment Ponds
Hardin County
Yesterday, I made a quick stop at the sewage lagoons in Savannah (Off East End 
Road, just past the Coop).  Seen at the ponds were 20 Ring-billed Gulls, 50 
Bonaparte's Gulls, 200 Northern Shoveler, 25 Lesser Scaup, 25 Ring-necked Duck 
and 3 Goldeneye.  Feeding along the rip rap edge of the back pond was a Lesser 
Yellowlegs, my first winter record for this species in Hardin County.  Most of 
the shovelers were feeding in a very tight mass, less than 20 ft. diameter 
circle.  As I drove up, they began to spread out, and I was amazed at the 
number in such a small area.  I stopped, and the birds huddled back together.  
A few Bony's were feeding with them.  I do not know what was in that small area 
of the pond, but it must have been great to eat!
Damien Simbeck
Killen, AL

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