[TN-Bird] Lake co and White Lake

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 20:45:41 -0500

I showed Tom and Ruth Pollum around the area today as they gathered info on the 
Hot Spot birding areas in the great River Rd. area.  Tom and Ruth are working 
with Audubon to create the "Great River Birding Trail" map for the lower 
Mississippi River. The upper part has been completed and it is his job to put 
together the info for the lower  Mississippi.  Light birding was done. We 
started out yesterday afternoon at Long Point, Then heading back south by Lake 
#9, Phillipy Pits and the Ibis hole. Lake #9 still has lots of water as does 
the Ibis hole. Black Bayou has some good mud flats now down by the road by the 
pump house and still some habitat behind the pump house off the levee. Few 
shore birds seen in that area. Saw a Solitary, Spotted, a lessor Yellow legs.We 
also went by the Tiptonville Ferry landing yesterday and no shorebirds were 
seen. The lover end of the Lake was quiet with no Gulls or Terns seen .Today we 
started at Isl. 13 ,  really barren, but the Habitat is great and will get 
better. The area near Parker Road ( which I understand , is called Cinnamon) 
still has a good amount of Shorebirds, mostly Stilt Sandpipers, Lessor 
Yellowlegs, No Wilsons Phalarope was seen today. The lower end of the 
Tiptonville Bar looks good but no Terns or Gulls seen or any sign of shorebirds 
noted.  White Lake has some good mud flats and there were more shorebirds 
present then on previous visits, but mostly Least SP.There were some Bluewing 
teal and some Greenwing Teal  there also.  Tom and Ruth were very impressed 
with the area. The visit here to all the great birding hot spots has helped Tom 
visualize and put into words the areas here that will be selected to be placed 
on the map.  I am looking forward to seeing  the finished product. I am sure it 
will be a great tool for birders. I have seen the maps of the upper Mississippi 
and they are impressive.  Looks like a 
great weekend for birding.                                            Nancy 
Nancy Moore
Bluebasin Cove B&B
Reelfoot lake
Lake Co, Tn
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