[TN-Bird] Lake Graham Swan continues

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Lake Graham and surrounding area
Madison Co.
Tuesday, 2010 Feb. 23

I drove to Lake Graham from Nashville and arrived after
rush hour.  Even though I brought a map, I had to ask for
directions 3 times since not all the roads are marked.

Fortunately, the immature trumpeter swan was there to
meet me.  Easily seen, it did not come in as close as
it did for Mike Todd, but I certainly had nice looks at
it.  It did attempt to feed several times and like Mike
I could not see any tags on it.  Eventually a fisherman
came and launched a boat from the ramp causing the swan
to swim toward the west side of the lake south of the
dam, but it was still easily visible.

Heading back along Cotton Grove Rd. there was a fenced
feeding area for horses where I spotted a lone Brewer's

Frank Fekel
Nashville, TN
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