[TN-Bird] Lake Co birding (Island 13, Tiptonville Bar, Ibis Hole); 8/28/09

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Lake Co (Island 13, Tiptonville Bar, Ibis Hole)
I met Scott Somershoe and Ed Schneider early this morning, for a few hours of 
birding on Island 13. Still a lot of birds out there, maybe not quite as many 
as on Monday though. It was very hot by the time we got off the island, but 
well worth it. We didn't locate a Piping Plover today, but an adult 
Black-bellied Plover was still present. The highlight was definitely a very 
cooperative adult White-rumped Sandpiper, which is a very scarce migrant in the 
fall here TN, west TN especially. A spiffy juvenile Sanderling was also very 
obliging. Otherwise, a few Westerns mixed in amongst the multitiude of Least 
and Semi Sands. All the Westerns and Semi Sands we saw today were juvenile 
birds. A few Semi Plovers were around, but no large shorebirds other than the 
Black-bellied. A few Least and a single Black Tern were seen. The island still 
teems with Swallows, with Bank being far and away the most numerous.

Tiptonville Bar had very little on it, just a few Least and another Black Tern. 
No shorebirds other than Killdeer. The wires here were also covered with 
Swallows, once again mostly Bank.

The Ibis Hole, near Phillipy Pits, is losing water quickly, but still had a lot 
of birds. Highlight here was a molting adult Stilt Sandpiper. Lots of Pectorals 
here, as well as Least, Semi Sands and Westerns.  A few Lesser Yellowlegs, Semi 
Plovers, Solitary and Spotted Sandpipers along with the ubiquitous Killdeer 
rounded out the shorebird species, for 13 on the day. Blue-winged Teal were 
still numerous here, as were a couple of dozen Snowy Egrets.

Will post some photos at a later date,

Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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