[TN-Bird] Kyker Bottoms – Blount County

  • From: Bob <bhowdy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2008 00:13:05 -0400

I know that Kyker Bottom is better known for it?s migratory water fowl 
in the fall, but the summer is not too bad, if you like small birds and 
are patient.
Some of the birds observed in the past few days include:
American Goldfinch
(If you like these colorful yellow birds this is the place for you ? I 
am not experienced at bird counts, but there are 100?s  there)

Indigo Bunting
Blue Grosbeak
Sparrows (several types)
Carolina Wren
Ruby Throated Hummingbirds
Wood Ducks (10 or so)
Brown Thrashers
Bob White Quail
Woodpeckers (heard not seen)
Owl  (heard not seen)
Orchard Oriole
Yellow Breasted Chat
Black Vultures

The Goldfinch have taken up daytime residence in the sunflower rows and 
seem to be everywhere. The youngsters are fun to watch. Best area is to 
the right of the maintenance building, at the edges of the freshly mowed 
area. Also in the middle parking area farther west down the main road.

I have found good photography opportunities by quietly sitting in the 
observation blind near the main paved parking area and letting the birds 
settle in the small trees next to the structure.

Some photos below:

Carolina Wren
(I got this photo while sitting in the waterfowl blind ? this little one 
actually came up and sat on one of the openings
in the blind and stared at me at one point?. A bit too close for my 
100-400 lens!)

Ruby Throated Hummingbird
(same blind ? same close-up view, the next day)
Calling Mom?
I think I got winked at!
Spreading out

Indigo Bunting

Yellow-breasted Chat

Brown Thrasher

American Goldfinch

Blue Grosbeak
(sorry for the poor image quality, he wouldn?t let me get close and I 
couldn?t get the sun behind me ?
but it does identify the bird ? hope to get a quality image in the next 
few days)

 Sparrow & Worm

I quietly eased into the blind and immediately spotted this gal!

 Found these at the pond across the street from the main parking lot
Graylag domestic geese

Bob Howdeshell
Maryville, Tennessee

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