[TN-Bird] Knoxville chapter TOS potluck Wednesday, September 5

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  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 09:20:24 -0400

The next meeting of the KTOS will be a picnic on Wednesday, September 5th at 
the Knoxvile Zoo.

We will meet in the Kids Cove Tent at 6:30 pm. The picnic will be a potluck 
so please bring a dish
to share as well as something to drink. Also, in order to reduce our use of 
disposables, please bring your own non-disposable plate, cup and silverware.

We will enter through the gate at the handicap parking area.
Once inside the gate, bear to your left and follow the path
towards Kid?s Cove. You can?t miss the big tent!
After dinner there will be a short meeting to vote on the slate
of officers for the coming year as well as a few other items
of business.

Bird On!

Mark Campen
KTOS President

A new home for Mom, no cleanup required. All starts here. 

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