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  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 15:37:26 -0500

Kens wife Betty notified me the sad news that my good friend and birding buddy 
Ken died yesterday of a stroke.  He had been recuperating in a skilled facility 
from a stroke he had in late December.  
Ken began birding at a young age and was a very avid birder over the years. Ken 
birded with Ben and Lula Coffee and many others over the years. He and Glen 
Criswell birded alot over the past years in Dyer and Lake Co.and has 
contributed many of the records in those counties.  He has been a member of 
TOS/KOS  for many years with his wife Betty. I birded a lot with Ken in Lake 
and Dyer Co.  I met Ken and Betty when they found the first Scissortailed 
Flycatcher in Lake Co. 

Ken was a very talented birder, photographer and pilot.

He will be missed.


Nancy Moore
Bluebasin Cove B&B
Reelfoot lake
Lake Co, Tn
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