[TN-Bird] KY Lake odds and ends; 11/2/08

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KY Lake areas of Henry Co
Pace Point area, Britton Ford, Eagle Creek, Paris Landing

I spent most of the day looking for new arrivals. Pace Point was my 1st 
stop, and among all the Ring-billed Gulls on the island were what I was 
hoping for, FRANKLIN'S GULLS. I was worried I would miss them for the 1st 
time this year, but had 3 today (2 1st-cycle and 1 adult). Lots of birds 
around Pace, and the diver raft is forming up nicely. No rarities today, but 
several Redheads were nice anyway. There were almost 150 Common Loons 
scattered around the area already, and pods of Horned Grebes have formed up 
everywhere. There should be something out of the ordinary around soon.

 I spent about an hour tromping around the big panicum field that has 
produced LeConte's Sparrows for several years now. I kicked up at least 4 
today, with a couple of these sitting up for me. One bird in particular gave 
me the best study I think I've ever had of the species. It sat up on a weed 
stalk for 10 minutes, and let me get within 12-15 feet. I got some pretty 
nice shots of this bird, which I have posted. While I was walking this 
field, a flock of 18 Pine Siskins came over.

Britton Ford was pretty quiet as well, highlight being a Sandhill Crane 
heard calling several times. Quite a few ducks are around the area now, and 
it should start filling up in a couple of weeks when they shut the bay down 
to boat traffic.

Eagle Creek had a couple of Pectoral Sandpipers, my only shorebird of the 
day other than Killdeer. There were 75 Bonaparte's Gulls here, but nothing 
out of the ordinary. Paris Landing was quite, with a pair of Bald Eagles 
ruling the island that the gulls love to sit on. There were about 50 gulls 
huddled down on the far end, and others strung out in the water around the 
island. Nothing unusual though. Very few diving ducks in this area yet.

If anyone is interested, I've posted a shot of one of the flying Franklin's 
Gulls, and several shots of the cooperative LeConte's. These are in a new 
gallery here: http://www.pbase.com/mctodd/winter_20082009 , or the 1st shot 
starts here: http://www.pbase.com/mctodd/image/105407502 .

Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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