[TN-Bird] July Fourth trip Obion and Lake counties

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  • Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 11:30:24 -0500

Took a quick trip to nw tennessee for fourth of July. Stayed at Nancy Moore's 
Blue Basin resort, had a wonderful time and a fabulous boat trip around the 
basin the next morning with Nancy. Such a relief to escape from real life for a 

Obion County July 4

Anhinga (soaring in air near entrance to Reelfoot NWR) (first for TN)
Great egret
Turkey vulture
black vulture
Acadian flycatcher (at closed visitors center)
Great crested flycatcher (along Grassy Loop road) (FOY)
American robin
Northern cardinal

Lake County (through agricultural fields & along levee, and at Blue Basin 
resort) July 4--

Great egret
Great blue heron
Turkey vulture
black vulture
Osprey (from dock at Blue Basin)
Mississippi kite (may have been across state line in KY)
Bald eagle (first year in dead tree along levee)
Least tern (5 from dock at BB) (first in TN)
Mourning dove (everywhere)
Red-headed woodpecker (juv)
Ruby-throated hummingbird (blue basin feeders)
(swallows on wires along levee were like a tutorial for swallows, all lined up, 
northern rough-winged swallow
purple martin
tree swallow
bank swallow (100s)
barn swallow
Carolina wren
Indigo bunting (every few feet it seemed like on wires )
Dickcissel (alternating with Indigo buntings)
American goldfinch (BB)

July 5 at Blue Basin (in addition to above)
Double-crested cormorant (4)
Osprey (4 adults, 1 juv) toured nests by boat
Eastern kingbird
blue-grey gnatcatcher (2)
Prothonotary warbler (3)
Common grackle
rock pigeon (tiptonville)

Lyda Phillips
Davidson County

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