[TN-Bird] Ivory-billed Woodpecker report II

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Worked a different area yesterday, staying along the edge of Bayou de  View.  
However, the day passed without hearing or seeing the bird.   Did add 19 
species to the trip list for a total of 61, with two new AR birds for  me-rusty 
blackbird and greater white- fronted goose, the latter of which was the  most 
numerous I had seen at about 400.
For those contemplating coming to this location, the lodging is much better  
than average on most bird trips, and the food is great.  Had ribs and fish  
fillets the past two nights.  Makes it tough to stick to the Atkins  regimen!
The lodge here has a CD of about 4 vocalizations of the bird that we review  
daily.  It was apparently obtained by a Cornell person who was not  authorized 
to be in the restricted area, who is now being sought by Federal  officials.  
Before he left the premises, he left the recordings here at the  lodge.
Good birds!
David Chaffin
Cleveland TN

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