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Here’s the website for rehabilitators by state:

Cecelia Mathis
Volunteer transporter

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There is a list of permitted wildlife rehabilitators on the TWRA website. It 
lists the names and numbers for rehabilitators in each region, then by county. 
I don’t know a direct link, but if you search wildlife rehabilitators on TWRA 
site, you will find it. As a veterinarian, we deal with the rehabbers on a 
regular basis. They do an excellent job with injured wildlife, and 
unbelievably, are not funded for their efforts. If you do ever have the need to 
call upon a rehabber, they are always grateful for donations. 


Stacey Adair DVM

Maryville, TN

Blount County


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My cousin just called.  He found an injured Screech Owl along the side of the 
road.  Where can he call besides Walden's Puddle?  He's called them and left a 
message.  I know they had a fire not too long ago, so I don't know if they are 
still taking in animals.  He lives in Murfreesboro.  Thanks.


Kristy Baker

Rockvale, TN

Rutherford County

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