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  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 13:07:54 GMT

Anyone know a rehabber/ facility that will take baby Carolina Wrens near 
Knoxville, TN?
Before I get a lecture on picking up fledgling "chicks" :) --  they were in 
SAM'S parking lot yesterday afternoon in 101 dg temps UNDER an older  van 
screaming their heads off. Fully expected to find Starlings or House Sparrows 
when hearing them and going to  investigate , but apparently they had nested in 
the grill, deciding to fledge in the parking lot.. Great. 
  After crawling around under the van, putting them in a large drink cup, I 
waited until the owner came out, explaining to them if they would take the 
little guys home and turn them loose in the yard, mom would find them. They 
were not happy with the whole thing, saying a few things I will not repeat..
 Maybe they were alarmed because they thought I was "snooping" around their 
van, and guess I was because my bird brain went to "where the nest was that 
these little guys came from", not to what I looked like. Bet that was a sight 
crawling around underneath, then looking their vehicle over!    
Thus, I became the proud mom.   They would not have lasted much longer on the 
pavement, sitting and screaming and panting. I wonder what kind of adventures 
these guys have had riding around in the grill, then returning home for food. 
Remarkable Wrens. They deserve to make it!.
Straight to the Pet store for crickets and mealworms feeding them immediately. 
They are very sassy this morning, eating well, but not quite ready for the 
world alone. One can fly a little, but not the other two.
I need to go to work after while, so can anyone around KNOXVILLE, PLEASE tell 
me where to take these guys?? It was too late to call around when I got in last 
Tks for any quick response, and sorry to send to whole list, but don't have 
Knoxbirders addresses in my new computer after a crash.. Am kinda desperate to 
get them somewhere.      Will check my email again in a few or someone call me 
at 423-562-3851 H-         THANKS FOR HELP!
 I should know where to take them, but I never pick up fledglings, thus never 
had this problem since moving here.
Nell Moore    Caryville, TN
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