[TN-Bird] Immature Cooper's makes a catch on my deck

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  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 15:35:10 -0500 (EST)

Hi Birders,
An immature Cooper's hawk, from the latest generation of this dynasty of  
Cooper's which have nested in West Nashville since I first moved to the area 
in  1980, just took something from my deck.  I was typing away for another  
E-Mail when I heard a real scuffle on the deck.  I looked up in time to see  
the young hawk with wings and tail spread while holding something down for  
"the kill" not more than six feet away from me. It had its back to me,  so 
I couldn't see its prey.  It flew as soon as I reached across the dining  
table for my camera.  There IS blood on the deck in that spot now.  I  never 
saw the "victim," but I fear that it was one of my precious chipmunks that  
had been filling its cheeks with sunflower seeds only moments before.
The Cooper's has been hanging around lately, as has a nice female  
sharp-shinned hawk that has been perching on my deck rail and in the tree above 
about a week now.  I got photos of "li'l Sharpie" that shows the  
difference.  In these species, the tails tell the tale of who is who.
Dee Thompson
West Nashville, Charlotte Park
Davidson County

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