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Tomorrow, Saturday September 20, is the fall version of International 
Migratory Bird Day - North American Migration Count. I hope all birders in 
Tennessee are aware of this and planning to keep track of their sightings.

Ideally, you would spend the day keeping a count of all birds identified, 
where and when you saw them, miles driven and walked, etc. (same information 
needed for a Christmas Bird Count).
If you can't spend a whole day counting is it still worth collecting data? 
YES!!! Even if you only count birds in your backyard, the data can be included 
in the totals for your county. (if you are the only person counting in your 
county, your totals may not be included in the table published in The Migrant, 
but your efforts will be appreciated!)
Feel like you aren't qualified to identify all the birds you see/hear? No 
problem! Even if you only identify 50% of what you find, turn in those 
numbers! That's been than 0%! I think a lot of newer birders don't take part 
in counts because they are worried that they don't know all the birds. But the 
more you get out there and try to learn them, the better. As long as you're 
certain of an identification, it is worth knowing about it. In some ways, 
counting the most common birds (e.g., starlings, jays, crows, even House 
Sparrows) is more important than finding the single rare warbler in your 
county. More information can be obtained from year to year trends of the 
numbers of common birds - Are crow numbers dropping because of West Nile 
Virus? Are House Sparrow numbers dropping, as they are in England?....

So please get out there and contribute to this great body of knowledge. Send 
data to the state IMBD compiler Ron Hoff at dollyron@xxxxxxxxx

....be sure to be on the lookout for migrating Browd-winged Hawks. TOS member 
Andy Jones (in school in Minnesota) forwarded to me a report of over 100,000 
hawks flying over Hawk Ridge in Duluth on the 15th! Can you imagine that 
sight??? (and since I mentioned Hawk Ridge...you should make a trip up there 
in the winter. It's really balmy, warm, hot....right Ivan, Susan, Audrey, 
Andy? ;-)

David Trently,
Knoxville, TN

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