[tn-bird] Hunt for scissor-tailed flycatchers

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  • Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 17:59:24 EDT

I headed down just a bit south of here yesterday evening after work to see if 
I could find the Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers in the area of Hwy 231 and McKaig 

I made a circuit around the "block". I traveled down Hwy 231 south out of 
Murfreesboro, then right onto Crescent Road which ends at a "T". I turned 
right onto Webb Road. It goes north then curves sharply west which is where 
Mt. Zion Church is. Out in the country with lots of trees and fields around. 
I stopped in there and sat there for a minute checking it out. Might be a 
good place for someone to check out sometime. Then back onto Webb Road 
continuing west. That ends at a "T" which is Barfield Crescent Road. I turned 
north/right onto that. It curves back east and shortly after that on your 
right is the entrance to Barfield Crescent Park - a recreational park.

The various parking lots there have numerous light poles and I was checking 
out a few of them. But I have never seen a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and only 
know their calls from what is on the Stokes Eastern CD. And the park is so 
big you could probably spend alot of the day checking it out. I just cruised 
around a couple of the parking lots and then headed back out onto Barfield 
Crescent Road and continued east again back to Hwy 231, turned right and back 
south and crossed over to the other side, checking out the area near McKaig 
Road. I didn't find anything and headed back home.

So I guess it was more like a "snipe hunt" - lol - for me. But I think 
checking out Barfield Crescent Park might be worth it. A couple of forks of 
the Stones River pass through it and border it.

I will be at the NTOS meeting at Radnor Lake this evening and will bring my 
films of possible Bewick's Wren for any who wants to view them. I will also 
bring these to the NTOS field trip this Saturday.

Happy Birding to all

Barry Jernigan
Murfreesboro, TN
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