[TN-Bird] Hungry Birds in Our Yard

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  • Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 13:17:34 -0600

The frigid temperatures and snow have brought more birds to our yard than at 
any time in the seven years we've been here.  This morning there were 26 
Cardinals feeding and sitting in the trees around one of our feeding areas.  It 
was not unusual in January to see at least 200 birds feeding at the same time.  
We used 140 pounds of sunflower seed and 80 pounds of mixed seed during January 
and felt bad when all of it would be consumed and the birds were still looking 
for more.  Even putting out seed two or three times a day did not seem enough 
to fill these hungry birds, especially when it was snowing.  We can't figure 
out if there is a shortage of natural food this year or whether they are 
finding our yard an easier place to eat.  But we've enjoyed their beauty as the 
ground seemed to be a living, moving scene from a beautiful portrait.  No 
extraordinary birds showed up but most days we had at least 30 species.
Tommy & Virginia Curtis
Smithville, TN
DeKalb County
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