[TN-Bird] Hummingbird Haven!

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 14:06:56 EDT


At about 5:30 PM yesterday, the storm clouds were gathering over Charlotte 
Park, and I noticed quite an influx of hummingbirds hitting on my feeder.  I 
went to the window and could see 10 or 12 of the little things flitting around 
and about in my back yard and seemingly taking turns at the feeder.  It was the 
largest group I've seen in THIS back yard EVER.  It was almost reminiscent of 
the last time the cicadas were here.  It was like hummers were everywhere, 
just everywhere.

As with most previous years, I have not been blessed with hummers until 
recently.  I saw one that was hot on the tail of a mourning dove as it chased 
across my deck and beyond on July 18.  It did not seek out my feeder when I was 
watching.  FINALLY, on July 21, several females and immature began to trickle 
in and dine at my feeder.  Finally, I had one gorgeously gorgetted(sp.) male 
feed for a few minutes yesterday morning.  On two different days, I have had 
a/two hummingbird(s) on which the white of the throat wrapped up and over the 
wings where they are attached to the torso and onto the back causing the 
to look as if it/they are wearing suspenders.  Another bird, assumably a 
young male, had a dark, thin stripe down the throat extending seemingly lower 
usual giving it the resemblance to a calliope with one stripe.  I suspect its 
a young male ruby throat getting ready to develop his complete ruby throat.

Anyhow, thank God for the precious hummingbirds.  I just wish they would come 
to my house earlier when they return from their winter sojourn instead of 
just giving me a couple of months of their beauty when they start to return 
south.  Although I left my feeder up and cared for all last winter, I never got 
hit on it although others in the Nashville area were much luckier.  I'll try 
again this winter.  I'd sure love to have something really special come and 
for a while.

Happy hummingbirding,

Dee Thompson
Nashville, TN
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