[TN-Bird] House wrens nesting in Nashville

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  • Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 19:30:02 EDT

Let me add my own note to the chorus of messages about house  wrens.  Just 
yesterday a friend who lives in the Green Hills area of  Nashville called to 
me about a pair of "little taupe-colored birds" nesting  in a bird house.  
Sure enough, it was a pair of house wrens doing what  wrens do best--moving 
fast.  These are the first nesting house wrens I have  seen in Nashville 
But bear with me for a moment for a house wren story that  dates back to the 
1950s when I was a teenager in west Nashville--and a serious  member of NTOS.  
One early summer day I heard what turned out to be a male  house wren singing 
his heart out in a neighbor's yard.  He not only sang;  he gathered nesting 
material and prepared a home for a mate--but there was no  mate to be found.  
After about ten days of singing and building, he  apparently gave up, a house 
wren in Nashville ahead of its time.
Ed Gleaves
Nashville, TN

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