[TN-Bird] Hot Birding in Hot Weather

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This past week has been really good birding for us.  Being with Jeff and Mike 
in Memphis on Friday and Saturday last week and having Jeff show us the 
Buff-breasted, Baird's, and Western Sandpipers was a great start.  But we were 
so exhausted from the heat in Memphis and at home that we only did yard birding 
this week and saw some good ones from the deck in the couple of hours each 
morning before the heat drove us inside.  We had Red-eyed, White-eyed, and 
Yellow-throated Vireos several days.  The Eastern Wood Pee-Wee who has been 
with us 3 summers now was joined by Eastern Kingbird and Eastern Phoebe.  
Summer and Scarlet Tanagers and a gorgeous male Baltimore Oriole this morning 
were exciting.  Hooded, Pine, Yellow, Yellow-throated, Common Yellowthroat, 
Northern Parula, Cerulean, and Yellow-breasted Chat reminded us how much we 
love warblers.  But the bird of the week was the youngest Ovenbird I've ever 
seen and possibility the most beautiful as it sat ten feet away from the deck 
on an electric wire just over our heads for several minutes this morning.  It 
was so crispy new and white, that special color of pale green so glowing, the 
black spots so perfect and the eye ring so vivid it literally took away my 
breath.  If the head patch had been the vivid orange of an adult I might never 
have breathed again.  I always think Ovenbirds are my favorite warblers until I 
see a Blackburnian, or Mourning, or ......
The little front from the north last night also brought us more Ruby-throated 
Hummingbirds.  We have nine feeders out now as they are swarming like 
mosquitoes in the Everglades.  

Tommy & Virginia Curtis
Smithville, TN
DeKalb County
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