[TN-Bird] Hinch Mountain/Sequatchie Valley -- Field Trip -- Chattanooga TOS - Saturday June 6, 2010

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Eight members of the Chattanooga TOS saw or heard 71 species this past
Saturday while birding Hinch Mountain and Sequatchie Valley from just west
of Hinch Mountain south to Dunlap. We started our list as we approached
Hinch Mountain from Spring City. This site hosts a number of species nesting
in a variety of habitats ranging from pastures, ponds, rural roadsides and
creek side then into deciduous forest  and then up steep slopes to the
summit at a little more than 3000 feet. Some of the area has been recently
logged resulting in fairly open spaces in the forest.  After leaving Hinch
Mountain on the Sequatchie Valley side, we traveled past grassy fields,
pastures, and rural roads to Dunlap. 


We had 14 warbler species (including Cerulean, Chestnut-sided, Worm-eating,
Prairie, and ovenbird) and 5 Flycatchers (including a Scissor-tail on nest
along ninemile crossroad in the Valley north of Pikeville where they have
nested in recent years), and single yellow-billed cuckoo and Blue Grosbeak.
No Dickcissel, grasshopper sparrow, Shrike, or Oriole.


 This is a fun trip for June and we all had fun and good looks at a good
variety of birds. Harold Birch and I really enjoyed leading the trip thanks
to the enthusiastic group and the cooperative birds. It was a good day. 


Danny Gaddy 

Ringgold Georgia


Hinch Mountain 

Latitude N 35.78118

Longitude W -84.978563



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