[TN-Bird] Hamilton/Meigs Cos-5Mar10

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TN birders,

Sorry for the delayed report, but did not have online access for about 24 
hours.  Got out Friday with the following results and highlights:

Brainerd Levee, Chattanooga, Hamilton Co

Vesper Sparrow-lone bird flushed at the 0.2 mile marker from Shallowford Road 
end, landed ahead of me in the grass on the side of the levee opposite the 
school.  Next time it flushed, it perched on the wire fence at the bottom of 
the levee for a nice look.

American Pipit-single bird at the water edge behind Boyd-Buchanan School where 
the "lake" becomes a narrow channel.  I walked down to the 1.5 mile point, then 
returned, and the bird was in the same general area.

Ring-billed gull-123 birds, the largest concentration I have seen at the levee.

Again, only one male BW teal, American black duck number down to 7 from a 
personal high of 12 on 3Mar10, and about the same numbers of GW teal, northern 
shoveler, mallard, with a few American coot and one PB grebe.  Eastern phoebes 
were more numerous and visible.

David Chaffin
Cleveland TN
Bradley Co

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