[TN-Bird] Hamilton/Marion/Bradley Cos-18Feb10

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TN birders,

John Henderson and I hit spots in Hamilton and Marion Co this am with 
the following highlights:

Booker T Washington SP-RB Merganser(m,f)-FOY
Wild Turkey-2
Gray Catbird-this area actually accessed off Webb Road, first turnin on 
right, just beyond yellow barrier, over stream.FOY, of course, for this 
out of season species.  Some of you will remember this as a traditional 
site for eastern screech-owl in the past , but not recently.

Webb Road-probably Pacific loon that Dan Jacobson and John had seen 

Nickajack Dam including Shell Mound area.  Target bird was 
orange-crowned warb that Tommie Rogers had earlier opposite the dump 
station pull around, which we missed.  Had consellation 2 female red-br 
mergs from the dam.

Amnicola Marsh-tried for fox sparrow and o-c warbler without success.  
Pair of n shovelers, pair of hooded mergs, and 3 GW teal were the only 
ducks.  John split off after this stop.

Camp Jordan-had 2 calling fish crows in the tree on the island in the 
middle of the arena pond.  Target bird and FOY.

Gunstocker and Sugar Creeks-Both dead, was trying for least sand, 
dunlin, and Amer pipit.

Candies Creek-2 great egrets, 3 G blue herons, pair of ring-necked 
ducks, and 5 gadwall(3m,2f-FOY for Bradley Co).  Also, 7 RB gulls were 
a new Bradley Co year bird.

Cleveland Wastewater Plant and South Mouse Creek-nothing of consequence.

Wright Farm, Charleston, Bradley Co-loggerhead shirke on McBryant Road 
slightly south of the location the past 2 years, today seen at the 
junction of a woods edge on the east side and a perpendicular ditch on 
the west side.  FOY for Bradley Co.

David Chafin
Cleveland TN
Bradley Co
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