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On Sunday I headed east for some caving in Jackson county, and on the way 
checked the Great Blue Heron rookery in Smith county.  It is at mile 266 on 
I-40 eastbound, at the fourth crossing of the Caney Fork River, just before the 
rest area, on the right (south) side of the interstate.  We counted 6 nests and 
about 10 Great Blue Herons in the trees and at the nests.  This count was at 75 
mph, so could be more accurate if someone wanted to stop and count.
In Jackson county, we spotted another Great Blue Heron rookery high on a ridge 
on the west side of  Flynn Creek Road, just south of Roy Brown Lane.  We 
counted 16 nests, with about 20 herons spotted in the trees and nests.   
Coordinates for this rookery are 36-16-40 north and 85-40-46 west.  Take 
Highway 56 north from I-40 towards Gainesboro, and after entering Jackson 
county, go about a mile and turn left onto Flynn Creek Road.  Drive down the 
hill and continue for about 5 miles until the sign for Roy Brown Lane is found 
on the left.  The rookery is back up to the left, very obvious with the leaves 
off the trees.
In Mahaney Hollow, there was a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks circling and 
calling, plus a Coopers Hawk flying by as we arrived.
Ken Oeser
Hendersonville, TN

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